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Passing an essay really is fill-in-the-blank easy.

If your goal is to PASS the essay, you are in good company.  One of the first questions I ask my classroom and tutoring students is “Why are you here?”  I basically want to know what you’re trying to accomplish, so we can reach THAT goal together.  In a large classroom group, the question really helps everyone relax, too.  …because most everyone has the same answer.

    • It’s a required class.
    • I have to pass the essay (test/exam) to graduate.
    • I have to write an essay for class, for the GED test, for the Regents exam, for the ECE (English Competency Exam), etc.
    • The vast majority of my students answer “Why are you here?” with various forms of “…because I have to be.”

🙂  That’s okay.  I wouldn’t have taken Biology either if it weren’t required.  I understand.  Not everyone wants to major in English.  Not everyone enjoys reading or writing.

What if I don’t like reading and writing?  What if I really hate it?

It’s okay if you don’t like to read and write.  I won’t kid you or tell you that you won’t have to read or write at all to pass an essay.  Truly, the only way to learn to write…is to write.  You don’t, however, have to read tons of boring novels, write every day, or even write a lot to PASS an essay.  That is the goal, right?  You’re doing what you have to do to pass an essay.

The really good news is that I can walk you through how to write and pass an essay with fill-in-the-blank ease.  Seriously, it really is that easy.  Fill in the blanks one piece at a time, and the essay will appear ONE PIECE AT A TIME.

Do I have to read a long book to learn how to pass an essay?


Because most folks do NOT want to be English majors or READ how to pass an essay, we’ll fill in the blanks with several visuals/infographics – so you can SEE exactly what to put where.

One-on-one/face-to-face teaching and tutoring is most effective for folks who don’t like to learn by reading.  Seriously, if you wanted to learn how to write an essay, write outstanding essays, or creatively boost your essays, you’d be reading a traditional book right now.

Writing an Essay

Start with the basic structure of a 5 paragraph essay.  Learn the basics and how to fill in the blanks using the text, videos, and handouts under The Lessons page.

Passing an essay will take a bit more instruction on grammar and assignment expectations, but proofing and editing can’t begin until you actually write the essay.  Start by learning and becoming comfortable writing an essay.

Start with The Lessons – How to Write an Essay.